K Sera Sera brings India’s Largest Virtual productions studio

K Sera Sera is an industry pioneer in innovative production company, pushing the boundaries and promoting digital innovation in video production for film, television, and broadcast.

With extensive expertise in LED technology, video system integration, and real-time engines, K Sera Sera helps the top production companies, creative agencies, and content creators worldwide explore the newest technological advancements and environmentally friendly production methods in the world of entertainment.

The technique in which films develop, are produced, and carried out has been revolutionised by Virtual Production, which has had a tremendous impact on the film calendar. Filmmaking has traditionally been done on actual sets or locations, relying on real effects and post-production methods. To create immersive and lifelike virtual settings, virtual production mixes real-time computer-generated imagery (CGI) with cutting-edge technologies.

In India, Virtual Production is a foreign concept. Although traditional filmmaking is still preferred by many filmmakers, as we learn more about this set up’s endless potential,It becomes obvious that virtual reality is the future for Indian filmmakers.

With the goal of bringing a new wave of film making in India, K Sera Sera’s Virtual Production Studio brings you the opportunity to experience the whole globe under one roof.. A studio with a total area of 25000 sq ft, divided into four floors (5000 sq ft each), you can shoot four projects at the same time while saving time, cost and all the hassle of finding the perfect location or the perfect camera angle.   

Dive with us in our world and see the magic we can help you create.

We assist you in bringing your imagination to life through the customization of the LED stage from size to its curvature and provide certain services according to production needs to bring a cost-effective and sustainable approach to virtual production.


You envision, we breathe life into it!






We support our clients with complicated productions, employing the XR process and in-camera VFX, offering a full range of technical and production services.

Our team can help you navigate the technological minefield, whether you need to talk about the technology or want to use one of our LED stages.


What we offer

Virtual Production Stage

-Adaptable and customizable LED Volumes for in-camera VFX (ICVFX).
-3 floors available for LED walls, LED wall size ( 60 x 16 ).
-Floor size ( 60ft width 70ft length) 5000sqft each.
-Ideal for utilizing the virtual production pipeline for commercials, test, and R&D.

Virtual Production Stage Technology

Green Screen

-1 floor of Chroma-green screen that enhances the integration of visual effects (VFX) seamlessly into scenes, allowing for spectacular and otherworldly elements to be added convincingly.
-Floor size (60ft width 70ft length), in the area of 5000sqft.
-Chroma wall size ( 60×80 ) In a seamless matte paint.
-Brings out the best in every shot.

Green Screen Technology

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